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“Before hiring American Computer Consultants, we were experiencing several technical support issues ranging from software glitches, hardware failure, to slow Internet connections. In no time at all, ACC eliminated all of these issues and saved us a bundle of money along the way. Not only that, every year ACC revamps our website to reflect the changes made to our 92 page catalog. They are truly the most reliable and trustworthy business partner we’ve ever worked with.”
Arnold Kaplan, VP Operations
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“American Computer Consultants are an absolute lifesaver. They are super fast in responding to our support calls and always takes time to explain [in plain English] what the problem is and how we can solve it without breaking the budget. This past summer, they helped us move our phone system. And when our IT guy could not respond in a timely fashion, helped us move, reconnect our server, workstations and printers. They even fixed a few glitches that we used to experience with our network in the past. I would highly recommend Jose Voyard and his Staff to any small business looking for great service at an affordable price.”
- Mike Williams, Partner
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“How would I describe American Computer Consultants? In a word: amazing. ACC is living proof that you CAN have great service at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. I have been using these guys since 1996 and I am very happy with their service. I would absolutely, positively recommend them.”
-Lester Powder, Executive Director
Let’s Celebrate, Inc.

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